3D Printed Customisable Jewelry in Singapore

by Derata, 16th July 2013

Mass customization is one of 3D printing?s biggest pulls, especially in the jewelry and fashion sectors. Currently, if you want a necklace with your name on you?d have to rely on those poorly designed chokers on rotating racks in card shops. If you?re names not in the top fifty most popular names you can forget it.





There?s not just one design here in order to get your name in gold plated brass or silver, you can pick from one of ten designs from movie billboards to ticket stubs. After you’ve picked your design and material you can input your name, so long as it is eight characters or below, and wait for your bespoke piece to arrive in the post.

Polychemy state that it is ?an online designer boutique set up by artists who specialize in designs using 3D technologies. We make anything from jewelry to mobile phone covers. We also work with other prominent 3D Print artists all over the world to help sell/Print their work.?

One of those ?prominent 3D print artists? is Josh Harker, the most funded sculptor in Kickstarter history. Harker will be appearing at this year?s TCT Show, don?t miss your chance to come along and listen to him talk for FREE at our show, register here.

Polychemy also claim to be the first 3D printing and design company in Singapore, a region which is starting to pick up pace what with Pirate3d?s considerable exploits.

Industry experts believe that mass customization is 3D printing?s key to a wider market, the ability to create bespoke products at a similar rate to traditional mass production is certainly achievable in the not too distant future.


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