3D printing with graphene is coming, and it will change the world

by Derata, 12th November 2013

Graphene is going to revolutionize the 21st Century. As a emerging material Graphene could change the way electronic components are made. Graphene is a two dimensional material consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb or chicken wire structure.

It is the thinnest material known and according to mechanical engineering professor James Hone, of Columbia University, graphene is strongest material ever measured, some 200 times stronger than structural steel. Graphene conducts electricity as efficiently as copper and outperforms all other materials as a conductor of heat. Graphene is almost completely transparent, yet so dense that even the smallest atom helium cannot pass through it.

Mining and technology development company?American Graphite Technologies?announced in April that it will research the properties of graphene contained matter as?working material for 3D printing. Early this month, the company announces receipt of final approval from the Science and Technology Centre Ukraine (STCU) for the startup of its project, dubbed P600. The project was granted live status on October 1, 2013.

Project P600 is a collaboration between AGIN, Science and Production Establishment “Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Technologies” (“RESST”) National Science Center “KIPT” National Academy of Science of Ukraine and Institute of Solid State Physics and Material Science National Science Center “KIPT” National Academy of Science of Ukraine. And it will be administered by STCU.

The scientific team will consist of 10 scientists (5 PhD’s; 4 former weapons scientists and 1 PhD student). The expertise of the team will include the fields of nanotechnology, 3D printing, solid state physics, physical materials and thermal physics.

The mandate of the project is to research the properties of materials containing nanostructured carbon, primarily graphene, to research the existing and prospective methods of 3D printing and analyze the possibility of applying the techniques to create 3D objects using nanocarbon material. By using graphene as the building material, 3D printers would be able to manufacture parts that are superior to those printable today by four main metrics: strength, light-weight, flexibility, and conductivity.

On Friday Oct.18, 2013, American Graphite announces it has finalized the intellectual property agreement for P-600 with the project manager and National Science Centre KIPT of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In the abstract received by the Company, “The perspective scope of research, as we think, is thin films and extremely small-scale objects with nano and micro-meter dimensions. Thus, we plan to pay especially attention to the research with creating the graphene objects into nano and micro-meter typical size.”

American Graphite Technologies Inc. will fund the project and will hold the rights to all intellectual property developed from the project. The project will run for one year with an option to renew.

“We will be gearing up and starting immediately on the project.” stated Rick Walchuk, CEO. “We have some exciting ideas and if successful, we hope that our developments could open up new and innovative products for the marketplace.”

Watch below a video made by company 3M describing the future applications of graphene:

?Original Article on 3ders.org

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