Augmented Reality Car Windscreens Display GPS Information

by hmd_webmaster, 25th March 2013

Technology firm Harman is previewing its interative car windscreens at the Geneva motor
show, which it claims will ‘transform the car into a mobile office – safely’.

Harman’s head up display system (HUD) shows the driver things like speed and distance
to the car in front, incoming phone calls with the picture of the caller, weather conditions, arrows
for navigation, directions and warnings of looming collisions.

This is a large amount of information being delivered into the driver’s line of sight but Hans Roth, Harman’s Director Technology Marketing, believes the information is delivered seamlessly enough that it won’t be distracting nor dangerous.

With a wave of the hand, Mr Roth demonstrates how a driver could reject incoming
information and silence phone calls should they feel the need.

HUD technology is already present in various luxury cars.

Mr Roth says Harman is working with car makers to incorporate many of these new
features into the next generation of cars.

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