Customize and 3D print your own spaceships from Ender’s Game

by Derata, 14th November 2013

The movie industry is beginning to see how much value 3D printing offers. There’s demand for the tangible stuff, and 3D printing has found a space in creating film’s props. There is an exciting news for fans of Ender’s Game. Ender’s Game is offering fans of all ages prop replicas created by a 3D printer.

The company behind this offering is?Sandboxr, a 3D print and software development company from Utah. Sandboxr has developed a 3D print creation app for Summit Entertainment’s Ender’s Game. Through the Ender’s Game-licensed version, fans will be able to create and bring home exclusive replica battleships from the film generated by 3D printing technology.

Fans can log onto their website, choose and customize some premade ships from the film, and have them printed in full color. The price starts at about $19.99, depending on the model and size you choose. To create your own Ender’s Game 3D printed ship, you’ll need to download a plug in. Check out below some examples of premade 3D printed spaceship.

The movie Ender’s Game, opens in cinemas & IMAX October 31 at 8pm.

“This is the first 3D experience of this type to coincide with a major cinematic movie release, and Summit is excited to offer this amazing experience and great new technology to our Ender’s Game fans.” said Nancy Kirkpatrick, Summit’s President of Worldwide Marketing.

Check out this cool Ender’s Game Universe Infographic released by Summit that details the Formic Wars that lead up to the events in the film.

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