Eye-catching 3D-printed fashion jacket on Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day 2013

by Derata, 26th June 2013

Jun.25, 2013

Early June 2013, art couture designer Larisa Katz and 3D designer Patrick R?mgens from Phuntec started their first project together: Create art couture with FDM 3D printers.

The project started with taking a Full Body 3D Scan of Larisa, who would wear the end results to show her new work to the public. After taking the scan and looking at the results, the decision was made to create something that hasn’t been done before: a 3D-Printed fashion jacket for woman.

A perfect shape for the base of the jacket was cut out of the scan, restyled and adjusted in size for a perfect fit. Now both designers had their platform to work with, Larisa could envision her ideas on a virtual 3D model while Patrick was translating her ideas into the 3D modelling software. Mainly Blender was used for post-scan 3D design work but sometimes Sketchup was used to trace a photo into a basic 3D model.

Once the complete jacket was designed it was cut into pieces for 3D printing on standard FDM printers with a maximum build size of 21x21x25cm. Each piece was then 3D printed in either flexible PLA for the parts around the shoulders to maintain flexibility while wearing, other pieces were 3D printed in standard PLA and all parts were stitched together to further ensure flexibility of the end result.

The final result, combined with the hat designed by Larisa a big head turner was first shown on the Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day this June 2013 in London.

Photo By Darren Staples / Reuters

Photo By Dvora / Vogue

As seen on 3Ders.org

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