Ford debuts “Cloud” Car

by Derata, 27th September 2011

September 2011 – The Ford Evos, debuted at the Frankurt Auto Show merges motoring, technology and design in a futuristic menage a trois, teasing us with a titillating peek at the future of transportation.

With muscle car grille, fastback styling and centreline exhaust, the Evos is certainly a looker. But Ford’s latest concept is also perptually connected to it’s driver’s cloud data.

Not that kind of cloud.

From basic content like push mail and schedules, to tuning and adjusting your drive to suit daily traffic conditions, Evos has your daily commute take care of. But cloud computing doesn’t stop there, Evos will read your calendar, predict your departure and start up the air conditioning before you even open the door.

With such and intimate relationship with your cloud data, you won’t even need to poke away at your GPS before every trip, Evos knows where you’re going and the route’s already planned out, even taking into account the gridlock on your usual commute and making the appropriate course corrections.

So while the Evos is still just a concept, it won’t be surprising for a Mondeo on Focus to boast that same connectivity in the years to come.

But before that, here’s a wishlist of cloud-connected features we’d like to see:

  1. Your entire music and video library available to stream to your ICE displays
  2. Live video call feeds to your friend’s vehicles, perfect for big road trips!
  3. Tuning your vehicle’s electronics wirelessly, from your home while the car sits in the garage.
  4. Live alerts when other vehicles encounter adverse traffic conditions (markers on gps to indicate ice or accident areas). And last, but not least:
  5. Remote control.


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