#GE2015 Singapore – Evening Out The Odds On Social Media

#GE2015 Singapore – Evening Out The Odds On Social Media

by hmd_webmaster, 9th September 2015

We would like to extend a big “Thank you” to all our readers!

This series of Singapore General Election 2015 articles are by no means to?persuade or to?influence anyone in their decision towards any of the contesting parties or candidates.?The numbers reported are directly drawn from the parties’ or candidates’ Facebook pages. It is an interesting insight to?the power of social media and its phenomenal effects.


Headlines for today:

?Alex Yam of the PAP team in Marsiling-Yew Tee lost 2 followers today

?John Tan of SDP in the same ward also lost 2 followers
WP gains 1 percentage point versus PAP in East Coast GRC, which is hotly contested in the social level, resulting in a 51.99% vs 48.01% lead.
Dr Chee soon Juan, likes leap by nearly 3,000 and?single-handedly wins 2% for his team in Holland-Bukit Timah after his speech on the 7th of September
2015ElectionLikes-0908-01 2015ElectionLikes-0908-Aljunied 2015ElectionLikes-0908-AMK 2015ElectionLikes-0908-BishanToaPayoh 2015ElectionLikes-0908-BukitBatok 2015ElectionLikes-0908-BukitPanjang 2015ElectionLikes-0908-ChoaChuKang 2015ElectionLikes-0908-EastCoast 2015ElectionLikes-0908-Fengshan 2015ElectionLikes-0908-HollandBukitTimah 2015ElectionLikes-0908-HongKahNorth 2015ElectionLikes-0908-Hougang 2015ElectionLikes-0908-JalanBesar 2015ElectionLikes-0908-Jurong 2015ElectionLikes-0908-MacPherson 2015ElectionLikes-0908-MarineParade 2015ElectionLikes-0908-MarsilingYewTee 2015ElectionLikes-0908-Mountbatten 2015ElectionLikes-0908-NeeSoon 2015ElectionLikes-0908-PasirRisPunggol 2015ElectionLikes-0908-Pioneer 2015ElectionLikes-0908-PotongPasir 2015ElectionLikes-0908-PunggolEast 2015ElectionLikes-0908-RadinMas 2015ElectionLikes-0908-Sembawang 2015ElectionLikes-0908-SengkangWest 2015ElectionLikes-0908-Tampines 2015ElectionLikes-0908-TanjongPagar 2015ElectionLikes-0908-WestCoast 2015ElectionLikes-0908-Yuhua
We?ll update these charts with tabulated results between 12am to 1am every day, so stay close and watch our Facebook Page for daily updates.

Please visit our previous post ?#GE2015 Battle In Full Swing ? Social Media Results 4 Sept 2015? for a full list of the parties? and candidates? Facebook page links.

For a quick reference to the past?reports, please visit our post ?#GE2015 Singapore ? Social Media Post Rally Gains?

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