HMD Gets A New Look!

by Derata, 17th July 2012

Helios Media Design is proud to introduce our new corporate identity!

As we enter our 8th year as a full service creative agency, we have refurbished our brand visuals including our new logo which is a signature-styled logo icon. The logo icon is comprised of the three uppercase letters “HMD” an acronym for our company name with stylised slab serifs, variable stems and a few unique flourishes.

Our logo reflects our corporate personality and budding maturity as an established agency with close to eight years of professional work that spans across a wide spectrum of diverse industries.

We take personal pride in our business relationships with our esteemed clients. We are also equipped with the knowledge and expertise that enables us to put forth our ideas in a straight-forward and professional manner so as to develop a project to fruition according to our client?s vision.



Our brand new business cards are letter-pressed on high-quality extra thick cards about 700+ GSM!

Letterpress is a technique where text or images are relieved into the paper or cardstock in order to obtain a sort of indentation that is readable and also is able to be felt as an impression the card.




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