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Our Specialisations


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A Business-Centred Approach To Design and Interactive Solutions

 Helios Media Design is a design solutions company that combines creative thinking with a special consideration for your business’ objectives.

Your Business is Our Business

The mechanics of your industry are important to us. Knowing what file types are used in your industry and the specific jargon that your business uses is part of what makes HMD a long term partner to many of our clients.

Our Purity of Purpose: You

When creating a design solution, HMD has only one objective, to meet your needs. HMD considers itself an extension of the business that its clients run, and we like to build solutions around your actual challenges, instead of indulging in our “creative license”.

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Helios Media Design is based in the city of Singapore, giving us access to the vast technical expertise and exprience of Asia, as well as a intricate global worldview that understands the nuances of both Western and Eastern cultures.

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