iPhone 5 Form Factor Briefly Leaked

by Derata, 16th September 2011

15th September 2011 – Due to a brief case-manufacturer’s blunder, the form factor of the iPhone 5 was revealed unintentionally on the Case-Mate website.

The post, offering a sneak peek at its new line of cases made for the iPhone5, was quicklyremoved, but not before images of their hiccup spread across the internet.

Case Mate hasn’t commented on it yet and a spokewoman declined providing a statement.

So let’s see what we can infer from this leak:

Round Backplate – confirmed

Opposite-side Lock Switch – plausible


What we can’t confirm is the alleged square button on the front. We’ll have to wait for another leak for that. Or the next step in the Apple marketing plan ( i.e. lose a phone in a bar.)


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