Lady Gaga’s 3D printed dress

by Derata, 10th December 2013

Nov.30, 2013

On Nov. 10, Lady Gaga invited her fans to get a sneak peek at her new album ‘ARTPOP’ , live from Brooklyn, NY. At stage Lady Gaga wore a 3D printed Parametric Sculpture Dress designed by Studio XO in London and printed by Belgian company Materialise.

Image: i.materialise


Take a look at this awesome Lady Gaga dress, 3D printed by our parent company Materialise and designed by Studio X: “Lady Gaga wore the 3D printed Parametric Sculpture Dress at the concert/dance party/art happening that was thrown to celebrate the launch of her latest album ARTPOP.”

“The Parametric Dress is a 3D printed body architecture designed by Studio XO for TechHaus. The dress was created in our high tech fashion laboratory in London.”


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