META – Wearable Augmented Reality

by Derata, 12th December 2013

If you haven’t heard of META, it’s about time. Having reached their Kickstarter goal in Auguest 2013, their kit is now available for pre-orders.

What is Meta? Meta is the world’s first developer kit and platform for augmented reality, in which users, through the gestural control of their hands are able to move and manipulate 3D virtual objects within their real environment.

Its been featured on the Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch so far and it allows its user to use gestures to manipulate compatible devices around them, and it feeds them information live to their view of the world via a heads-up display.

Sound like sci-fi to you? check out these product images and videos:


Funded out of Columbia University, Meta’s Kinect-esque hand gesture recognition and the fact that it’s probably going to appear on all our heads and invading our privacy by next Christmas, makes me want to say, “Google Glass, eat your heart out!” But I’ll keep my enthusiasm curbed for now. Suffice to say we wait with baited breath to see what Meta will do in our lives.

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