Now you can create your own sticker sets on Line, and earn money from them too

by hmd_webmaster, 7th March 2014

Popular Japanese messaging app recently announced it will introduce a new feature that lets users create and sell their own virtual stickers (hat-tip?Engadget).

According to the company?s?official blog, designers who hope to get their graphics featured alongside Cony and Brown can register on Line as a ?creator? and submit up to 40 stickers, which a team will then review for possible publication. Stickers that make their way onto Line?s sticker shop will be priced at JPY 100 (about USD $1). Designers will receive 50 percent of the revenues, while the remaining half will go to Line.

Curiously, Line indicates that anyone can register as a creator, stating:

Everyone is welcome to the LINE Creators Market, no matter your profession or age, whether you are an amateur art-enthusiast or doodle for a living, or if you are an individual or represent a business.

In the past, Line has charged businesses?tens of thousands of dollars?to release branded sticker sets, depending the region and pricing tiers. It?s not clear if this new creators plan will lower this high barrier to entry, or how Line might distinguish between large companies with hefty advertising budgets and small businesses looking to gain some quick exposure. In any case, money from branded sticker sest make up?under 20 percent?of Line?s revenues, while 60 percent of its revenue comes from game-related purchases.

Got plans to cause a ruckus on Line?s web store with naughty sticker sets? According to Line?s guidelines NSFW stickers are ?non-recommended.?



Line?s announcement of DIY sticker set coincides with news that it will introduce?voice calls to old-fashioned phone lines?in March. The company reported revenues of?US$338 million?for the year 2013.


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