Remy Cointreau & Helios Media Design Launches Exclusive Augmented Reality App

by Derata, 17th July 2013


R?my Cointreau launched its new limited-edition, travel retail exclusive Cointreau bottle designed to celebrate cocktail culture and Helios Media Design Pte Ltd (Singapore) is the creator of this first-of-its-kind augmented reality application for a liqueur brand.

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Cointreau ?Une Soir?e ? Paris? is a one-litre bottle of Cointreau which has been transformed into a scene from a Parisian soir?e, evoking the rooftops of Paris, romantic balconies and stylish bars.


IMG_6032 IMG_6033

IMG_6034 IMG_6035

The characters of the bottle sleeve will come to life in an augmented reality animation. Using the front of the ?Une Soir?e ? Paris? wrap as an augmented reality marker and an iPhone/iPad as a viewing device, a consumer can pick up a bottle, point his smartphone at it and the images will come to life. In order to download the necessary iTune app, the consumer simply scans a QR code on display in the store.

IMG_6036 IMG_6038

The characters from the bottle sleeve, who are designed to represent the Cointreau customer demographic, will star in 14 webisodes that will be posted regularly on the app. The app will also offer Cointreau cocktail recipes and videos of cocktail mixing as well as a selection of short features drawn from Cointreau?s heritage.

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