Swatch Irony Chrono Golden Block

by Derata, 20th June 2012

Check out our new addition to HMD’s cabinet of Swatch watches collections – The Swatch Irony Chrono Golden Block YOG402G

This beautiful golden watch is outstanding and luxurious without being overly conspicuous so it is great for both work and party events.

This new collection of watches by Swatch Irony Chrono demonstrates the use of new PVD-coating which is very popular in the industry today. And the PVD coating condensate is used to add a fashionable black color to the case, so Swatch decided to cover it with gold.

As a result, three models were created, representing a new gold collection of Swatch Irony Chrono. Gold PVD-coating is applied to the surgical steel 316L, creating a matte surface texture, which gives to the watches a certain charm of a discreet luxury. The gold coating is applied to the case, crown, chronograph buttons at the “2 and 4 o’clock,” and even to a metal bracelet.


On the dial at the top there are two chronological counters, and at the 6 o?clock position there is a small dial with second hand (as the central seconds hand belongs to chronograph). At the 3 o?clock position is a small circular date window. The dial is rounded by the tachometer scale. On the hour and minute hands the luminescent compound is applied.

From each other the three new models of watches Swatch Irony Chrono differ only in color scheme of the dial. The tachometer scale and additional small dials retain their golden color, but the base may be at the buyer’s desire black, gold or green (with a central green second hand).


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