Swatch Touch “Can Touch This” @ ION Orchard SMRT Media Tunnel

by Derata, 18th June 2012

HMD presents “Can Touch This” Swatch Touch Campaign now on at ION Orchard SMRT Media Tunnel.

Inspired by the sounds and the rhythms of cities on the edge, Swatch?s designers have taken street-smart trends straight to the wrist: Swatch Touch blends the Swiss brand?s flair for on-trend colours with sharp, easy-to-read colour touch displays and high-tech timing functions. The case, 39 mm wide and 52.5 mm tall, provides plenty of space for the big, brightly lit display.

The high-tech touch screen gives Swatch Touch owners easy access to six digital functions: time (2 zones, t1 & t2), date, chrono, alarm, timer and beep, using finger-taps and sideways scrolls. The curved plastic glass display and coloured LCD present Arabic numerals in a big, stylish font drawn to make the most of the watch?s shape, and the screen?s built-in backlight assures easy readability at all times. Swiss-made quality and ergonomic design?the watch head and strap are perfectly integrated?make every Swatch Touch a joy to wear.

Head on down today to check out the funky tunes and experience the Swatch Touch Collection at the Swatch Store (ION Orchard) #B2-37!




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