The Unbelievable T-Rex Optical Illusion

by hmd_webmaster, 2nd January 2014

Is it witchcraft? Sorcery? Nope, it’s just your eyes pulling a fast one on your brain. I still don’t understand what just happened.


This crazy dinosaur was created by Brusspup, an illusion specialist. It’s called the “hollow face illusion,” and it works because your brain assumes that anything resembling a face is convex, rather than concave.Even though the eye to your right is technically farther away from you, your brain believes that because the image is a face, it must actually be closer. It’s the same reason why the teeth and nostrils look so close to you, even though they’re actually inverted. It may seem frustrating, but the other option is for your brain to see everyone’s face as a crater.


Here’s another video by Brusspup that uses a similar concept.


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