The Wooden Artist’s Doll Gets An Upgrade

by Derata, 18th September 2011

Remember that wooden artist’s doll in art class you’d take and pose in comical positions? He’s back and he’s a cyborg.

Hasta la vista.

The QUMA is designed to be the next-generation artist’s doll. Not only does it have more points of articulation the the average posing doll, it converts its limb positions into digital information that can be imported into your PC to pose and animate for games, 3D animations and illustrations.

Though it’s not ready for production yet, QUMA’s manufacturer Softether intends to create QUMA dolls in numerous other forms to assist in the creation of other characters besides your typical humanoid. Because everyone knows if it doesn’t have wings, tentacles or multiple heads, it’s not anime.

The promo video’s been translated into *Engrish* here:

View the official page

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