Turn your Kinect into a 3D scanner, with colour!

by Derata, 5th July 2013

Jun.23, 2013


San Francisco based Occipital is acquiring ManCTL to easily acquire and process images and high-dimensional data from the real world.


Founded in 2008, Occipital is the creator of RedLaser barcode-scanning application (acquired by eBay in 2010) and 360 Panorama, one of the most popular panoroma apps (over 7 million downloads).

Currently Occipital is building applications of computer vision. Its applications ? 360Verse and 360 Panorama ? capture images and create maps in real time.

ManCTL is the company behind Skanect, a European provider of 3D scanning software. Founded in 2011, ManCTL’s 3D scanning technology transforms your Microsoft Kinect or Asus Xtion camera into an ultra-low cost scanner able to create full-color 3D models out of real scenes in a few minutes.

The combined technology means that users can easily create a 3D model without expertise in 3D modeling.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

As part of the acquisition, ManCTL’s co-founders Nicolas Tisserand and Nicolas Burrus will be joining Occipital’s team in San Francisco. Skanect 3D scanning software will continue to be available for download at skanect.com.

“As a team that wants to change the world through computer vision, we couldn’t imagine a better place to be than at Occipital,” said Nicolas Tisserand.

“We will continue to actively develop Skanect within Occipital, and we strongly believe that our new environment will allow us to bring much better 3D scanning to more people on even more platforms. In fact, it already has.
For the time being, not much will change for you, Skanect will be supported as before, the license scheme is unchanged, and the software will continue being maintained and extended.” writes the company.


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