Windows 8.1 to Include 3D Print Button

by Derata, 12th July 2013

The latest developer release of Windows 8.1 includes integrated 3D printing that will make it
as easy to 3D print from a 3D modeling application as it is to 2D print a document from Word.

Windows is the first operating system to integrate the option of 3D printing directly within the operating system to allow app developers to also integrate 3D print buttons directly into their apps. The video below is super dry and suitable for developers of applications more than 3D modelers, designers and makers, but it does lay a trail of where the future of 3D printing is headed, and that is integrated ubiquitously into daily life.


Now let’s see what Apple does to integrate 3D printing into the OSX and iOS ecosystem to enable 3D printing from any and of their devices. 3D scan, model and 3D print integrated into iCloud connecting to your Shapeways account via Facebook that automatically puts a reminder in your iCal when your prints are scheduled to arrive then tracks your UPS shipment in realtime?

How will Google incorporate 3D printing into the Android, Glass, everything on the internet ecosystem. Perhaps an ‘upload to Drive to 3D print with Shapeways option’, or a ‘3D Scan Command’ in Glass as proven by Todd Blatt but optimized into instant Shapeways upload and 3D print? It is a pity they let go of Google Warehouse.

The future of 3D Printing is everywhere…


Original Article on Shapeways

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