Working Jams: Music For the Daily Grind

by Derata, 16th May 2012

Productivity and happiness in the workplace are becoming increasingly more important to today?s tech savvy, entrepreneurial minded work force.

The type of music one listens to at work can help them become motivated, focused, and creative ? which constantly reminds me of the scene in Empire Records when they open the record store and get to choose any song they want to blare and sing along to at top volume. Music is the perfect way to get amped at the start of your day.

While not everyone is lucky enough to work in a record store like Empire Records, technology allows us to be surrounded by our own personal digital record stores. Sites like Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora give us access to almost any artist we can think of. You can make playlists, share finds with friends on Facebook and Twitter, or connect with random people with the same musical taste around the globe. The right music at work will help you stay stress-free and productive when moving on to a new task. The only problem with the thousands of musical options at your fingertips, is actually nailing down something to listen to.

Check out this graphic below for a full-sized look at which playlists are right ? or wrong ? for your procession.


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