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  • Market research and user testing for market penetration
  • Customer emphatic research for Engineered products
  • Content strategy and trend insight
  • Monetisation of data and analytics
  • Social Media monitoring, automation and dashboard

  • Colour and visual communication studies
  • Cultural insight and localisation of visual content
  • Creative Solutions for policymakers and educators
  • Multiplatform software development (AR, Apps and 3D interactive)
  • Disruptive Innovation

  • Data management for event companies
  • Impact of Tech implementation on specific stakeholders
  • Predictive cross selling and suggestion algorithms
  • Backend Integration, Operations and support
  • ICT scaling for startups



How to not waste money on sponsorship

How to not waste money on sponsorship

  “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.” –          John Wanamaker (1838-1922), department-store magnate   PROBLEM: SPONSORS FAIL TO GET RECOGNISED Audience can’t remember them No association with the event Every year brands splurge many millions of dollars into advertising … Continue reading

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Enter The Experience Age; The Modern Day Show-and-Tell

Enter The Experience Age; The Modern Day Show-and-Tell

Could you recall the last time you post a series of photos which you will carefully sort into “Albums” in your Facebook page? And when was the last time you updated your Facebook status? Maybe you no longer do? The status box is an icon of the Information Age, a period … Continue reading

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Author : devteam
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The Age of The Cyborg is Here

The Age of The Cyborg is Here

Blurring the lines between biology and technology is quickly becoming a common theme, embedding itself into medical technology, art, body modification and physical enhancement. While they are not “Living tissue over metal endoskeleton”, these self-made cyborgs are pushing the boundaries of what humans are capable of by replacing or augmenting … Continue reading

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