An Installation Made from 8,080 Coloured Pencils

by hmd_webmaster, 22nd November 2013

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of the?University of Minnesota School of Architecture,?Variable Projects?designed an installation, called?Centennial Chromagraph, that?s a life-size representation of the historical moments of the school during their 100-year history.

The curvy installation is made up of 100 robotically-routed plywood ribs that are joined together with 8,080 colored #2 pencils.

The project required computational design tools to generate formal and spatial constructions with large quantities of data, in this case, information collected over a span of 100 years in the school?s history.




The curves in the piece reflect major historical periods for the school, like leadership tenures, buildings it has occupied, and the colleges it has belonged to. The color of the pencils shows the evolution of the school?s degree programs over the years.


Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-3-600x330 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-4-600x361


The project was designed and built along with students at the school and was constructed over a period of five days.


Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-5-600x337 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-6-600x337


Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-7-600x337 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-8-600x337 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-9-600x229 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-10-600x337 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-11-600x337 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-15-party-600x337



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