Andy Warhol Brillo Box Pouf

by hmd_webmaster, 4th June 2013

Brillo-Pouf-Warhol-Fab-1 has lauched their first line of products and they are hitting the ground running with their inaugural release: the Andy Warhol Brillo Box Pouf. Designed as a collaboration between Quinze & Milan and The Andy Warhol Foundation, the foam pouf is a nod to Warhol?s original Brillo Box sculptures from 1964.



The pouf is made of Quinze & Milan?s patented high-density QM FOAM? and screenprinted with Brillo?s iconic logo.


Brillo-Pouf-Warhol-Fab-3 Brillo-Pouf-Warhol-Fab-5


As Warhol said, ?Pop Art is everywhere,? so why not bring a little bit of it to your home? I don?t know about you, but I?m dying to own one!


Brillo-Pouf-Warhol-Fab-6 Brillo-Pouf-Warhol-Fab-7



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