AR takes on a new twist in this “Fragmented Reality”

by Derata, 3rd December 2013

On November 5th, 2013, MOTHERBOARD released an episode on YouTube documenting German?artist Jennifer Kanary’s experience with creating a virtual experience designed to simulate the experiences suffered by a person undergoing psychosis.

Jennifer’s sister-in-law committed suicide while suffering from a psychotic episode, and the idea for Labyrinth Psychotica was born. Labyrinth Psychotica is a twelve-minute experience where a user’s sight and sound are hijacked with an array of virtual and augmented-reality devices. Initially their surroundings remain perfectly normal and they see and hear the environment perfectly, but the user’s experience becomes gradually more confusing, intertwining their surroundings with additional stimuli or partially obscuring their senses.

This form of “fragmented reality” is Jennifer’s interpretation of nthe traumatic experience that caused her sister’s untimely death, and she hopes that her work will help therapists empathise with patients better.


Watch MOTHERBOARD’s video below (German with English subtitles)



What does this spell for the future of AR? perhaps one day we will all choose to indulge in a little Virtual Insanity, either as a form of therapy or even some manner of entertainment. Will we one day meet each other in a Lewis Carrol-esque overlay of our world, with imaginary friends in tow? Only time will tell.

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