Managed Marketing Services

Marketing and branding are often viewed as dark arts in the world of business and often fraught with mystery, but as with all forms of darkness, having a source of light can change your position from a lost ship to a glimmering beacon.

Managed Marketing Services are designed to be your brand’s beacon of light in the digital world. Trained professionals will analyse your brand and market, then create a strategy designed specifically for you, our team will even carry it out it on your behalf.

If you need an upgrade for your marketing department, or create content for a specific platform, our dedicated marketers can also be of service.

Create surgically targeted campaigns for your brands, and have achieve results exceeding 300% increase in conversion rate* with Managed Marketing Services.

Many businesses have benefited including a range of multinational organisations, small and medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations such as:

  • Microsoft
  • British Council
  • The Singapore Children’s Society

Let us help you create the perfect campaign for your brand, and sit back and let our team of experienced marketers do all the work!

*2016 – Microsoft-Insight LinkedIn Campaign

Platforms we specialise in

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  • instagram_PNG12
  • You_Tube_logo
  • Twitter_logo.svg
  • linkedin
  • Baidu.svg
  • WeChat_logo_wordmark

Service Packages

Choose from the following service packages or create any combination of your own to suit your brand’s needs:

In-House Consultation with Change Management

  • Full time consultation
  • Create a marketing strategy
  • Train and equip your team to manage your marketing activities


Content Multiplication

  • Create content for multiple platforms from a single source
    • Blog article
    • Images for Instagram
    • Excerpts
    • Video clips


Social Hub

  • Use your social media as a digital showcase of your community
  • Monetise through online sales
  • Great for landing pages and promotional campaigns


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