Enter The Experience Age; The Modern Day Show-and-Tell

Enter The Experience Age; The Modern Day Show-and-Tell

by devteam, 12th May 2016

Could you recall the last time you post a series of photos which you will carefully sort into “Albums” in your Facebook page? And when was the last time you updated your Facebook status? Maybe you no longer do?

The status box is an icon of the Information Age, a period dominated by desktop computers and a company’s mission to organize all the world’s information. With the significant growth in the usage of mobile screens and Internet access almost everywhere we go, we’re now entering the “Experience Age.”

The iconic status box is just a small part of a larger shift away from information moving toward experience and what drove this shift is the changing context of our online interactions which is a result of the way we are connected via our mobile devices today.

Here’s the difference:

Information Age

  •  Your digital profile aka Facebook/LinkedIn status is what the world know you by
  •  Self representation comes in the form of pictures, videos, texts, webpages shared
  • Which is usually created over the desktop computer (creation of albums, long written comments, etc)
  • Your identity is an accumulation of these shared materials over time, thus, your Timeline


Experience Age

  • With accessibility to camera functions and fast-upgrading mobile devices, it became easier to portray your life “on-the-go”
  • These in-the-moment self expressions are virtual show-and-tell of what you are experiencing right now
  • Your digital identity is constantly changing according to your experience of your surroundings (example Snapchat)
  • Your profile is not definitive of a pre-conceived identity but rather the “you” that the world sees you as in this moment


While in the Information Age, your profile and identity is an accumulation of the materials that you post over time, in the Experience Age, the primary input is instantaneous, visual and the dominant feedback is attention. Today the feedback loop connecting sharing and attention starts and ends on mobile; in the future, it could start with contact lenses and possibly end in VR.


With our online and offline identities converging, the stories we tell each other now start and end visually. This will shape the future for experience-driven products and software which can take us into a new and exciting era of technology exploration.

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