#GE2015 Singapore – Social Media Post Rally Gains

#GE2015 Singapore – Social Media Post Rally Gains

by hmd_webmaster, 7th September 2015

After several rounds of rallies held by the PAP and the various opposition parties over the past 4 days, we’ve seen some significant spikes in LIKES at the SDP’s and WP’s Facebook pages.

In Marine Parade, He Ting Ru‘s Facebook page spiked by about 1000 LIKEs. Unfortunately, her team gained only 0.95% against the incumbent team with social media powerhouses Tan Chuan-Jin and Goh Chok Tong.

In West Coast GRC, PAP is gaining social ground against Kenneth Jeyaretnam, who is single-handedly pushing the social media mission for his team.



2015ElectionLikes-0906-Aljunied 2015ElectionLikes-0906-AMK 2015ElectionLikes-0906-BiashanToaPayoh 2015ElectionLikes-0906-BukitBatok2015ElectionLikes-0906-BukitPanjang2015ElectionLikes-0906-CCK2015ElectionLikes-0906-EastCoast2015ElectionLikes-0906-Fengshan2015ElectionLikes-0906-HollandBukitTimah2015ElectionLikes-0906-HongKah2015ElectionLikes-0906-Hougang2015ElectionLikes-0906-JalanBesar2015ElectionLikes-0906-Jurong2015ElectionLikes-0906-MacPherson2015ElectionLikes-0906-MarineParade2015ElectionLikes-0906-MarsilingYewTee2015ElectionLikes-0906-Mountbatten2015ElectionLikes-0906-NeeSoon2015ElectionLikes-0906-PasirRisPunggol2015ElectionLikes-0906-Pioneer2015ElectionLikes-0906-PotongPasir2015ElectionLikes-0906-PunggolEast2015ElectionLikes-0906-RadinMas2015ElectionLikes-0906-Sembawang2015ElectionLikes-0906-SengkangWest2015ElectionLikes-0906-Tampines2015ElectionLikes-0906-TanjongPagar2015ElectionLikes-0906-WestCoast2015ElectionLikes-0906-Yuhua


We?ll update these charts with tabulated results between 12am to 1am every day, so stay close and watch our Facebook Page for daily updates.

Please visit our previous post ?#GE2015 Battle In Full Swing ? Social Media Results 4 Sept 2015? for a full list of the parties? and candidates? Facebook page links.

For a quick reference to the past?reports, please visit our post “#GE2015 Singapore – Constituencies Social Media Competition

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