iOS 6 Launch Draws Near: 10 Things to Get Excited About

by Derata, 19th September 2012

Apple?s iOS 6, the latest version of the mobile operating system will be available for download to Phones, iPads, and the iPod Touch as of Sept. 19. It will come with more than 200 improvements in terms of new and improved applications as well as bug fixes.

In its typical confident fashion, Apple is trumpeting that the operating system is the best version it has launched yet. It also wants customers to believe that it?s a better option than Android?s latest launch, Jelly Bean.

Grand comments aside, iOS 6 actually looks to be a winner. The operating system might not come with all of the bells and whistles found in Jelly Bean, like near-field-communication support, but it does have a host of nice features that consumers will love. Better yet, the enterprise will find a lot to like in the software. It might not be perfect, but for many customers, iOS 6 is a vast improvement.

Read on to learn more about iOS 6 and found out why it?s worth downloading when it?s made available?for free?on Sept. 19.

1. The all-new Maps

The new Maps in iOS 6 is Apple?s answer to the Google Maps applications that was previously built into the operating system. With the new Maps, iOS 6 users will be able to get turn-by-turn directions, 3D maps and see real-time traffic updates. Better yet, those who want Google Maps won?t have to look too hard to find it. It will be making its way to the App Store, giving users all of the choices they desire.


2. Siri improvements

Apple?s Siri has gotten a much-needed facelift in iOS 6. According to the company, the app will do a better job of accurately answering questions and will work on the iPad. Siri will also now deliver sports information and let users both find restaurants and make reservations. Siri is finally growing up.

3. Facebook integration

In iOS 5, Apple delivered Twitter integration across the built-in applications. In iOS 6, the company is now offering Facebook integration. It?s not a major update for enterprise users, but for consumers that love going social, it?s a must-have.

4. Passbook could be neat

Apple?s Passbook is perhaps the least-understood addition to iOS 6. But it could also be the most promising addition to the operating system. With Passbook, users will be able to keep boarding passes, coupons, movie tickets, and other location-specific items in a single spot. And when folks get close to a particular venue, Passbook will alert them to an event. Look for Passbook to be the centerpiece of Apple?s location-specific efforts in the coming years.



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