Piq Chocolates crowdfunding custom chocolates 3D printing service

by hmd_webmaster, 5th November 2013

Nov.4, 2013

An Austin startup ‘Piq Chocolates’, founded by MIT engineer Levi Lalla and Donovan Crowley, want to let everyone to become a chocolate artist.

Piq Chocolates’ online tool allows you to design your very own gourmet craft chocolates and personalize your chocolate bars right from your computer. You’ll be able to upload images, move them around, rotate and resize them. Add a message and adjust your images until you get the design just right. Piq Chocolates will show you a real-time 3D renderings during your design process to let you see what your bar will look like.

Once you are done with your design and choose the quantity of bars you would like, Piq Chocolates will make them for you and ship them to your doorstep. The chocolate will either be printed on their fully-functional chocolate 3D printer, or be made using 3D printed molds for finer details.

These personalized treats could make your holiday event extremely unique. Send chocolate christmas cards this year or put a custom shaped bar in you loved one’s stocking. Here are some ways you can use custom shaped chocolates:

Create a unique gift for any occasion

Say it with Chocolate

If they hit their $25,000 crowdfunding goal before November 11, they will offer dual color chocolates as a free upgrade to all backers. You can support the project here on Kickstarter.

From 3ders.org

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