Porsche Wants You To 3D Print A Cayman S

by hmd_webmaster, 20th December 2013

The 3D printed car is closer to reality now than it ever was. That doesn?t mean we?ll start seeing them pop up on the streets anytime soon though. What we will see, however, is more auto manufacturers encouraging the use of 3D printing for prototyping and promotions.

Porsche announced this week that it?s getting into the realm of 3D printing with the release of its Cayman S design files. The hope is that 3D printer aficionados make their own custom Cayman S and share it with the world. Who knows ? Porsche might even be watching in an attempt to hire the next great automobile designer.

A dream can only come true, if you give it a shape. Why not with your 3D printer? We offer you the Cayman S as 3D printing data. Feel free to get creative. Create, print and colorize your personal Cayman S. We would love to see the results.


People are already printing out their Cayman S models and sharing them with the #3DCayman hashtag. Here?s a few:





To start printing yourself,?you can grab the file here.


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